October 2015 World Smile Exhibition

United Smile United Nation

Was presented in gallery space accommodation in The United Nations Headquarters venue in New York City for With the belief that creative potential is inherent in all of us, the smile exhibition with the theme entitled "Smile" was presented at UN in New York. participants from world-wide spectrum engaged smile in art making placed in presentation alongside professional artists, self-taught artists and layman artists as well as first time participants engaging in creative activity in the endeavor to encourage their involvement in expressing art for sharing culminating in a display platform. The category of entries of smiles which includes people in all walks of life would also were extended to celebrities who are inspirational personalities reflecting the significance of our times and who would offer positive social influence with just simpe or more sophisticated smile was presented in NYC

After the initial opening event, the exhibition was expanding in an art program outreach with art workshops carried out in underserved children's schools, and other places with NYPD, Joffrey Ballet School, where their artworks on "Smile" were displayed at these workshops and placed alongside the external entry selections of "Smile" to provide children and seniors with a sense of participation inclusion in a wider and larger art group activity.

PRESENTATION: Upon In conclusion, "Smile" is an uplifting theme and participation involvement offers an empowering and a positive transforming experience as the dynamics and power of "Smile" resonates in that transitory charged instance of the shared act of giving and receiving a "Smile". Submitted by co-curator Dolly Unithan Smile - (October, 2015) Marek Wysoczynski Head of the Polish Office of the Promotion of Culture has been collecting artwork of smiles from people around the world, including many celebrities (as Queen Noor). These exhibits accompany workshops for underprivileged children, people in refugee camps, hospitals, etc. to encourage them to smile despite their difficult circumstances. Smiling and laughter has great therapeutic healing power, something our world desperately needs.

Workshop In Japan

World Smile Archive meet World Biggest Painting – Polish and Japanese social,culture promotional projects One founded by Ms Hiroko Kawahara with support of Japanese Foreign Ministry another with support of Polish Embassy in Japan